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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Corvid Project - 2. The Rook

Today I worked on the Rook. A bird that many people confuse with the crow because it's a large black bird. In actuality the rook looks much different to the crow with a grey-white bare face above their beaks.

I added a third colour today of blue. Black birds like black animals are never just black and white.

I seem to be using less paint and more water at the moment so maybe tomorrow I will stick with just plain paints and only use water for the background wash. I think I prefer the rougher speed paints from Sunday.

The Rook.

  • The Rooks latin name is Corvus Frugilegus.
  • Rooks are a resident in most of the UK except the far North west of Scotland.
  • They feed mostly on worms, grains and insects.
  • Rooks are very social birds and roost and live together in large flocks.
  • Rooks also can be found living with Jacdaws.

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