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Monday, 7 April 2014

Corvid Project - 1. The Crow.

So today I spread some paint in the shape of a crow!

To make these speed paints I am basically using small splodges of black and white acrylic with only water and a 1/2 inch flat brush to paint on to 7" x 5" Bockingford watercolour paper.
I'm not making a pencil sketch before applying the paint so all of this is paint sketched. Something that is difficult as you can't rub out paint, well at least not acrylic paint!

So as I was painting this guy I didn't realise his beak was a tad on the stumpy side for a crow, he's unfortunately slightly out of proportion which I was disappointed in at first until I reminded myself that this project is a learning project where I'm teaching myself to not rely on images and sketches or anything else. This is just me working at a fast pace.

The main thing is, stumpy beaked or not... he looks like a crow.

Corvids are one of my favourite families of birds and are highly misunderstood creatures so I'm adding a few short facts about each species :)

The Carrion Crow.

  • The crows latin name is Corvus corone. 
  • They are one of the cleverest birds in the UK.
  • Crows are residents to most of the UK excluding N and W Scotland and N Ireland.
  • They feed on carrion, insects, fruit, seeds and scraps. A typical scavenger.
  • They are very cautious of humans but will enter urban areas and gardens if they know of a good food source.

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