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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Creating and new projects.

Another weekend has passed where I had time to myself and after a few personal issues I managed to get creative.
This weekend was awkward as my muse was being a mischief and hiding away from me most of the time which left me feeling like working but lacking the inspiration.

After last week with the excitement and nerves of entering the competition I was left feeling overwhelmed and like I wanted to hide for a while. Of course this is never an option.

So I got working on my peacock sketch and realised the paper I had chosen was too textured for the planned work which has brought that project to a small pause as I'm not sure how to continue or even if I should continue. It's a large piece and I could spend hours working on it to end up with something that I can't do much with.

So after that I spent a few hours thinking of what I could do and finally I decided to stop planning and just do something. 
So I set myself a challenge of making a small monochrome painting with black and white acrylic and one paint brush. I also gave myself 30 minutes to complete the image and to do it without a reference image. I ended up with a jackdaw and for a 30 minute speed paint of something I rarely draw or paint I'm really proud of it. This picture has also inspired a little project I plan to start soon!

After the speed paint I was left with a bit of paint so instead of wasting it and throwing it away I used it for another speed paint. This time a horse nose... According to the boyfriend I do many of these... :P

So it may not be much but I've had a lot of fun with these speed paints which of course leads to my next project.
This project is going to be a series of speed paints I plan to make over the next week with a very limited set of paints.The theme is going to be UK Corvids. I love these birds and I'm really excited about this. I just have to get in to it rather than just sitting around planning it.
So over the next 7 days I'm going to paint the carrion crow, hooded crow, raven, jay, chough, rook and magpie. I may or may not include todays jackdaw, there may be another added to the flock.
So this week should be exciting!

ALSO before I go! Please remember my work is still available to buy on t-shirts etc from Ohh Deer. Please share if you can!

Thank you!

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