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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The start of... Things.

Well I've been away for the weekend and I will happily say I did nothing creative. Unless origami foxes and frogs count, I guess they do!
But I gave myself a complete break from everything and I've come home feeling ready to get stuck in which is great!

Last week before I left I got started on a peacock sketch that I'm planning to put in to an art competition. The piece is A3 and I'm planning to do it all in coloured pencils, something I've never tried at this scale before so this could be an interesting experience.

But of course after being away from everything creative I've come home to find myself creating a list of things to do! And as per usual the list is made up of a full mixture. Not only sketching but painting, journal making, card making, jewellery making and oh boy probably so much more. 

So I have a feeling I'm going to be extremely busy for the next few weeks with lots of projects going on. 
For once I'm quite excited by it all!

So here's to a busy few weeks with lots of crazy creating! :)

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