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Sunday, 16 March 2014

A long weekend.

So for the last four days I've buried myself underneath papers, paints, stamps and ink and anything else I could get my paws on.
I managed to not only complete my own large art journal but I also managed to get another three completed.
I seem to have a love of blue right now.

I've always been nervous of binding books as I've gone wrong so many times in the past but this time I was left feeling extremely proud.

Unfortunately I haven't managed to have fun with my journal yet but it's ready and waiting. I think book making is going to go on hold for a while so that I can get back in to artwork.

I have a few sketches planned that are larger than what I normally work with. I'm planning to enter these in to an art competition later this year so I really need to get working on them soon!

So four books to end my binding spree and soon back to good old sketching with the odd bit of journalling.

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