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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Journal Buzz!

Years ago I used to journal, I always had a book set aside that was full of writing and paints and scraps and I used to love it. Of course I was in my teenage and like most people my teenage lead to some very dark thoughts and feeling that made these journals extremely dark and not much fun to look through.
I found these journals last year and after a quick glance over the pages of dark blacks, greys, blues and the odd purples I promptly threw them out.

I didn't want to relive the feelings I'd been experiencing whilst creating the pages in the books.

Well ever since finding those old journals I've been itching to start a new one but could never quite get the courage to start one again. I gave myself excuses that I didn't have time, I had coursework to be doing or I would be travelling to spend time with my boyfriend, I didn't have time to sit down and create art.
Of course this is rubbish and an excuse.
I then moved on to doubting myself after looking online at other artists and their journals, Oh I could never create something as beautiful as that! I could never make anything look half as fun or creative. So the doubt continued and the journal got put on the someday to-do list.

And then a few weeks ago I decided that I wanted to not only start a journal this year but I also wanted to make the actual book myself from scratch.
I then proceeded to collect old cardboard and paper from around the house and rummaged through old craft boxes to find bits and pieces to use as I wanted to recycle as much as I possibly could.

It took a while and lots of poking at boxes and card until finally, last night I sat down with everything and got to work.
Of course it's taken me longer than other people I'm sure and it's been a struggle to remember how to create book covers from cereal boxes (this was something I did a lot when I was younger when I wrote stories) and I had such a struggle trying to work out what I wanted my cover to look like but finally I got there :)

This morning I had a shredded wheat cereal box, not I have a rather purple, sturdy, textured book cover which will have something extra added soon.

And then the inside of the cover! I have a tendency to get a bit carried away. I just planned on having silver panels on the inside and then I just got stuck in with everything from scrapbook and wrapping paper to making a pocket and stamping flowers.
The photo of my dog is sitting in the pocket.
This is going to be a personal art journal, this year is big for me and I feel like I need to have somewhere to work my feelings out and not have to worry about things looking perfect. In this case it has to feel comfortable and something that I want to work in for hours, something I want to hold my work happily. So yes. I added much more than I'd planned.
Tomorrow pages will be added and then the fun can begin.

Being someone who creates a lot of artwork sometimes it's nice to have somewhere to just let go and get messy. With art journals I get the freedom to not make my work look perfect, I don't have to follow certain patterns and I can just let everything out. I find it hard to talk out my emotions and most of the time I create out any difficult emotions and feelings so this is definitely going to be a fun project.

They are also extremely simple to make when you stop and think about it logically and in the end the only person that needs to love and enjoy it is yourself.
Art journals are also fantastic for creators block!

In other news...

My family is growing! I adopted two baby boy gerbils who are adorable and inspirational. It's nice to sit back and watch them play when I need a break. Merry and Pippin are wonderful new additions who fit right in with the crazy house :)

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