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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

After a long day

Needed to de-stress tonight so I got stuck in to some journaling. I actually really enjoyed working on this page and had no idea of what I was going to create when I started out.
This is something I haven't done for a while and I think it was a great break between the harder work. It gave me a chance to let go a bit and to just do whatever I wanted. 
This page is made up of so many layers, the original page had a rather naff design on it so that got covered in paper, painted, covered in more paper, painted again, then the stamps and drawings were added then of course, more paint!
This really was a nice break from everything and it allowed me to forget the rules and just mess about and basically make a mess. building up the layers is always a fun experience that I guess is similar to childhood crafts so maybe it pulls out the inner child in us all which leads to happiness.
Because what person doesn't want to get messy with paint every once in a while? It's nice to just let go of being an adult and following the rules and society for a bit.

Secondly I managed to get a background finished on the giraffe. This time with a blue and purple wash which again was lots of fun to do. 
I wasn't sure about having the same colours throughout the whole piece but in the end I'm glad I stuck with them as I can't imagine the work any other way.

I'm currently working on a deer piece right now that seems to be stuck in the sketch stage as I'm not sure what to do with her right now! Colourful like the giraffe or more natural... decisions can be tricksy.

On a sadder note I lost one of my girl gerbils last week. She was a little star and I adored her. She will be dearly missed. Of course I couldn't let her pass without a tribute sketch.
She was a special girl.

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