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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Pebbles and planning.

Work on the commission has started to take over my life right now which is fine for the moment but I just hope it doesn't steal all of my creative energy.

The pebbles are all painted in with a base coat for now, the next stage will be to sit in front of each and every pebble and transform them from a painted oval to a textured, interesting stone.
I have also tried the iridescent paint medium which I've found to be interesting, I think I'm going to need a bit more practice with that before I can use it properly.

So right now the monster is looking like this.

It's amazing when you actually stop to look at pebbles and see all of the different textures and colours that create the colourful stone. Of course there are many grey stones in there... I'm going from my own experience of beaches and there is usually a good deal of grey thrown in.

On another not I'm trying to continue the sleeping animals project and hopefully will have a few finished pieces over the next few days.

The idea of making art a career is extremely daunting right now, I have amazing people around me who are fully supporting me which means the world to me but in the end it's down to me and how much work I'm prepared to put in to it. 
So now I need to work out where to go from here... 

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