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Friday, 13 September 2013

Monster Commission

This week has been non stop and there have been many wobble moments for me but on the brighter side I finally got the paints and board for the large commission I have at the moment.

This commission is 4' by 2' and is probably the largest project I've ever taken on. Yes, that is terrifying. Yes, it's also very exciting.

Yesterday was filled with getting the board and priming it which went extremely well. I have finally found the perfect gesso!
This morning I managed to squeeze in the base coat which turned out better than I had imagined.

The base coat.

After the base coat was even and tacky the fun started and using a tooth brush and a mixture of browns, black and golds I got to sprinkle paint... sounds fun right? I thought so but after 6 hours my hand disagrees!

Base coat given definition and shadows.

Speckled sand outlines.

A close up of the technique.

Final background with added sketches of the pebbles.
Up next will be the pebbles. Hopefully they will go as well as the sand which was surprisingly simple and lots of fun to do. I definitely know how to de-stress from now on!

There are many other things to do right now and I really am run off my feet so art work is now focused on this commission for now.

More to come...

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