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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hare today... More tomorrow?

It's so very late and sleep has evaded me as it tends to do lately... curse you insomnia and your symptoms!
But anyway, it gave me an excuse to add another post about something quite special to me.

Of course badgers are special to me, a very special animal that I feel strongly about (do not get me started on the cull!) but I do love other wildlife, especially British wildlife. There's something beautiful and rugged about the wildlife that survives on this little island along with so many people.

One of these animals is the Hare. I'd never seen a hare until three years ago and up to then I honestly didn't realise they lived in England! I was dim and thought that they were a Scottish creature. 
But on long car journeys to Salisbury in Wiltshire I got to see some of these animals close up (thanks Stone Henge Traffic!) and I couldn't keep my eyes from them.
They soon became an animal I drew as therapy, to hide from my stresses and so they became an iconic image for me.

The works I've shown are made with white and dark brown/chocolate sketching pencils on basic brown paper. Something I enjoyed playing with and felt like I could really get my teeth in to.
I'm just not sure how these would look framed. I guess it would depend on the type and colour. Another little something to play around with.

My future plans and portfolio plans include more of these brown paper creations maybe including more iconic British species including the fox, hedgehog and... oh yes, the deer.

I enjoyed creating this cutie so much she is destined to get framed and live on the wall :)
Now for sleep as this badger is tired.

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