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Monday, 26 August 2013

Boris will get you.

It's a well known fact that art thieves exist. Everybody knows this. Especially in the world today when we have the amazing thing that is the internet.
Sometimes as an artist you'll be surfing around quite happily until suddenly you spot something that looks really familiar. After a second glance you suddenly realise, hey you drew that five months ago! How the hell did it get here!?

Of course some art theft isn't malicious, it can in some cases be ignorance to the rules or that somebody actually created that image and not just some computer.
I most cases (luckily!) a simple reminder can work and you get an apology and the image is removed or you are credited. In some cases these instances become quite nasty.

Of course there is always my own experience. I haven't had a nasty person steal my work or a naive eleven year old who didn't understand... not at all. I've had one of my closest friends do it.

You see I have an amazing talent for finding my work if it's online. I've found it by complete accident on so many occasions! Once just browsing through a random forum for a band I rarely noticed and another time by accident.
I find people when I really wish I wouldn't.

At least she doesn't claim it as her own... yet she doesn't actually state that it's not hers either.

So I'm afraid, every artist has their own way of dealing with art thieves. Mine is in the form of Boris. Boris is a Dronster, half dragon, half monster.
He doesn't need much of an excuse to hunt down art thieves and... he's very, very good at his job.

So Please, Don't steal other peoples creations. Or Boris WILL be after you.

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