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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Doodle days.

So for the past few days I've spent most of my time studying animal forms and sketching them to the best of my abilities from memory.
This may seem like a simple task to some but to actually manage to create something that looks vaguely like what it's meant to from memory can be quite tricky and many of my attempts end up as a colourful splodge.

Today, luckily my sketches did not turn out to be colourful splodges, or at least I hope that they didn't.

The badgers were done as part of a test batch of simple designs that will eventually become a repeated pattern of 2 - 4 of the designs pictured.
The guinea pigs and otter were from memory but the wood pigeons/birds to the right of the page were sketched from real life as one was down on the bird feeder in front of me. 

These birds are so slow and careful over eating it gave me enough time to speed sketch a few poses as he ate. They are not perfect and definitely not anatomically correct but they gave me a short practice of drawing something at speed before it changed positions and anyone who's watched any kind of bird for a short space of time will know that they don't stay still for long.

I doubt anything will come from these bird sketches but they were good to practice with.

Something else I played around with last night was more sketching from memory.

I'm aiming for a looser sketch style when I'm using the sketch book to try and speed up my sketching time. These cockatiels are done from memory of my own bird and granddads birds which I grew up with. the more realistic head shot was done first before I decided to try a more angled style which seems to work for me.

At the moment I'm trying to fill at least a page of my sketch book a day whilst working on some larger pieces that will start peeking from the shadows at some point soon.
A sketchbook project may be started soon where I will draw something everyday that I would normally avoid.
Yes... hands, feet and hooves or any leg/foot limb of any animal.

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