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Friday, 30 August 2013

Bambi has a new home.

A few posts back I featured a sketch of a fawn curled up asleep. This was just done as a quick doodle that then turned in to something I grew rather attached to.

I've been meaning to do something with this piece to complete it. I don't know about other people but when I've created something special it's not allowed to be put away, it must go on show so that I can see it. Leaving it in a file, box or even the sketchbook it was created in feels like some kind of sin.
Which is odd for me as I do tend to despise many things I create so for me to actually want to have something on show for me to see everyday is quite a strange occurrence.

So when I felt so strongly about the fawn sketch fondly known to many as Bambi I set about trying to find a frame for her.
Oh my, how hard is it to actually find a square frame nowadays!? Are they no longer the fashion? The hunt has been ongoing for quite a while with the only frames I could find being too expensive or too difficult to get hold of.

Luckily for me, this morning I got up to find a square frame sat at the bottom of the stairs left by my mum for Bambi. We'd had a square frame laying around for weeks and after a lot of doubt on my side of believing it to be much too small... I tried it out and it fit perfectly.

But then came the problem... she looks like a big brown square and all her colouration faded. So I set about rubbing down and re-painting the frame and eventually...

Bambi was perfect. I can't help it... I agree with so many people before me, frames can make a picture. She is now hanging sleepily above my bed.
Working with Bambi so close to me today gave me more ideas of this simple style with sleeping figures that I'm hoping to continue with a variety of different animals. So I will be spending time making myself sleepy sketching snoozing animals.
Like this gerbil...

I also have my first big commission! Which will need lots of reference work involving sand, pebbles, shells and maybe the odd wading bird if I'm brave enough. More on that to come.

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