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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Good Wednesday, World!

Well life is just one of those fun little things right now I can tell you! If it's not one thing it's the other and then you push yourself to get all happy and buzzy and something out of your hands decides to pop round and take that little bit away from you.

Oh my it's fun right now!

But on the brighter side! The love for this bear gal has been insanely awesome!

I'll admit she is one of my favourites, I'm currently wearing my t-shirt with her design on it right now as I write this! 
I've sold a variety of sizes this past week and it's been awesome so thank you to everyone who has wanted one of these on their walls!
You can get your paws on them over at my Etsy Shop!

So of course there has been an abundance of packaging recently which has been lots of fun, I've recently introduced a few more fun additions to packaging and I love them!

I'm definitely going for a bright summery look so far... is it bad that I'm also currently planning our Christmas packaging!
It may seem far away for a lot of you but here at the badger den it's all hands on deck coming up with festive cards and products for the winter season. 

In fact getting these designs sorted is even in the to do list for this week... I expect to find myself listening to christmas songs with a cinnamon candle lit beside me as I try to come up with some cute sparkly designs.
Because when it comes to Christmas I can't hold back on the sparkles!

Yesterday involved me clearing out my entire desk and going through everything, I was surprised to find left over stock from a while back now so these may end up going up on Etsy or Folksy later this week if I can get my head around things.

To be fair there is so much to do right now and so much life stuff happening and so much therapist moments that I'm feeling completely out of my depth so I'm starting to struggle to keep up with things. I currently have a commission that I'm working on which will hopefully be completed this week and a few jewellery projects that are also trying to happen and oh there are so many product uploads and ugh... yeah, I'm completely swamped and throw in some migraines and anxiety to the mix and I am a mess :P 
But we're getting there!

I don't want to sound like I'm whining and woe is me-ing which I'm really not. I just like to make sure I don't sound like the happiest person in the world all the time as I've had so many people think that way and I am human just like everyone else and I have life problems along with everyone else... I just like to draw cute things to make it feel better and at the same time as making me feel better I hope it makes other people feel better.

The biggest high I get at the moment is the happy customer reviews that I get left, each and every one leaves me feeling so happy which makes everything I do worth it. So thank you all for being so wonderful and awesome.

And now I must be off to dive in to ideas and plans for the rest of the week!
Have a great one!

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