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Monday, 8 May 2017


A little late but I was having some technical issues with my laptop which basically meant that I couldn't actually get access to the blog.

So what's been happening!

I turned 28! Which means I can be even more childish than I was before! I'm getting much more wiser as I grow older! ;)

I got a super duper awesome desk that makes my heart sing! I cannot put in to words how amazing this desk is, I'm currently sat at it now surrounded by my business and awesome stuff. We went the the aquarium where I got inspired to paint fish (very unusual for me!), I got lots of painting done of various things mainly because I'm trying to get myself back in to the habit of enjoying painting again! We also baked cakes and I have new baby plants all over the place!

So far May has been pretty enjoyable! And I'm healthy still! That makes me happier than anything else! :P

But that's what's happened, now on to what's happening as I know I've been fairly quiet even down to my instagram. I do want to actually explain here that over the past week social networking has been a bit draining for me. I'm not a screen fan... I would much rather be drawing or outside or something along those lines but my job means that I have to be fairly active in the digital world which is lots of fun most of the time and of course I've met some super awesome people in the past couple of years but every now and then I hit a limit where I feel like I have to take a step back. It starts to drain me of happy and starts to create an addiction followed by me comparing myself to everyone which of course is the worst thing you can possibly do.
So I did that, I went down that road and it made me feel extremely depressed and had me basically bullying myself. So I had to take a step back.
I am however back to my usual and social digital stuff is no longer my main priority but is something that helps to enhance my work.

Gosh that was a bit long winded but I felt that I should actually get that out there. 

Art work is coming along nicely, I seem to have a bit of a thing for drawing ducks at the moment as I painted this image of a duck with her ducklings last week.

And I'm currently sketching out another duck image as I write this... apparently today is a day for multitasking! and ducks...

I'm also putting the dog zine that I've mentioned a couple of times on hold for now as the work involved in that is a bit too much along with the fact that I was struggling to design each page in the time I'd planned so instead I'm going to work on a much smaller zine that is going to be full of facts and pictures of... hummingbirds. Yes the bird nerd has gotten excited again after watching lots of life of birds episodes and got fascinated by hummingbirds to the extent that I just have to share. Not to mention it also gives me a very good excuse to paint lots of colourful birds.
Which is the next fun bit about this next project. Most of my zines are hand drawn with pencil and pen before being scanned in to the computer and digitally coloured, this time however I'm planning to actually paint the birds before scanning them which is going to be a fun new experience for me and will save me time on the laptop which is always an added bonus. I can't imagine hummingbirds being coloured digitally like I usually do. I want them to look much more fun and colourful.

So that's happening this week, If I get myself sorted maybe I can even have that done by the end of this week... like I said it's going to be fairly small but then again the subject matter is fairly small itself!

SO before I ramble on and on I should make an attempt to actually get away from the screen and get these ducks sketched out properly! phew!

Thanks for reading and sorry it's such a horrible mess. Surely I will get back to my normal writing self one day! 

Have a great week!

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