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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Birds Everywhere

I've mentioned a couple of times that I've been working on a little project making a bird colouring book, this little project is a lot bigger than I'd originally anticipated but is coming along nicely at last!

Goldfinch line-art 

Strangely enough I've enjoyed drawing the plants more than the birds which is extremely unlike me, normally I tend to have trouble with plants of any kind but this project has really opened my eyes to the world of plants. I've even gone and bought a book on plants so I can play around some more in future!

I've nearly completed the entire book now, I'm just waiting to get my head around some writing, do a little additional line work for the goldfinches and to add a little bird doodle to show their true colours... it wasn't sounding like much until I wrote it down like that! Well it should be a days work if I get my head down and get to work.

I'm finally feeling healthy again, something I was starting to worry about never feeling again, ever. It's mad how when you get ill you start to feel like it's never going to end. I did take it to the extreme though as it's nearly a month of illness and recovery for me now! However, I am better, I have my energy back and I've stopped having to have naps every few hours and I'm eating real food again! Woohoo!

I'm hoping to get this book finished and looking fancy this week, it's a slow start back in to work but at the same time it's also something I've been wanting to get finished for a while now and if illness hadn't hit it would've been finished already!
So once this is done, I will be happy.

Next on the list is another zine, this one featuring my lovely mutt. I'm still toying with ideas on what to base it on, currently there's the life of Riley, his name is Riley and he lives a full doggy life but then I also have a few other ideas like things I've learned from my dog among others so once I finally decide on a theme I can get to work on that one. Apparently I'm in a zine/book making zone!
I'm insane for this as making these isn't fun and is actually full of hard hard work and it's so draining! I think I'll have to go back to drawing cute animals soon, if anyone wants to commission me to paint their pet please step in to give me a break! :P

Well that's all for now, I will leave you with another peek at the new book!! :P

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