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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

So Busy!

I've been a bit quiet as I've just had so much going on this past week or so that I just haven't had a spare moment! I've been getting the Moon and Sun bears sorted (they're finally nearly done!) I've had lots of life stuff going on and then there's this little big project I've been working on lately!

It started out as a fun little doodle to do whilst the OH was gaming and then it just escalated so much as so many things do in life!

It started with a bird doodle... and now I'm making a colouring book. In my usual fashion I jumped in to this head first without any real thought to how much work it would actually involve. Like every zine I've ever made! :P
But I think this is going well seeing as I've been working on it for a couple of weeks now and we're nearly ready to put it all together!

Well I have the cover to design and lots of things to write, yes I'm actually doing to writing myself! My nerdy Birdness has to come out somewhere after all!
So if all goes to plan, next week I will actually have a colouring book to my name and probably (hopefully!!!!) have it listed up on Etsy!

Here's a sneaky peek at two of the pages so far. The first picture features chaffinches and the second features goldfinches which is what I've literally just finished.
Also the colour differences in the images would be due to one being taken at night and the other being taken this morning with rubbish daylight :P

I will get my blogging game back on soon but at the moment I'm going to be erratic with everything that's going on. You can follow me better through my instagram account that gets updated much more often!

And can you believe it's nearing the end of February already!! Eeep! This month has been so crazy!

Well I will leave you with the birdy peek and will hopefully have a proper update later this week!

Have a great day!

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