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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

October Sucked

Well normally October is my favourite month. I love the beginning of autumn, the fresh chill in the air, the colourful leaves that start to fall and if we've been lucky and had little or no rain the sound of the crunching leaves beneath your feet. I love it and most of the time I get this power boost in October where I suddenly have more energy and become ridiculously motivated. It's usually my most productive time of year.

Every other year I have loved October.

This year however... I have not loved it.
I have been very quiet this month, okay so I've been fairly quiet on here since moving but this month has been dead on many levels for Silly Badger Designs.
Mainly due to me getting a severe virus that quite literally knocked me off my feet, it was probably the most vicious illness I have ever experienced and hope to never experience again! It's taken three weeks for me to properly recover from it and even then I still feel the odd pain here and there and of course, the moment I recover from the virus and start to feel more myself... I then went and caught a nasty cold that made me even more mopey.
So as you can imagine, October was not very productive when it comes to work.

I feel bad for being so idle even though I know that i had a very good reason for it, there was no way I could've been working lots during this time. And it makes me feel uncomfortable, it's like a guilty feeling where I know I could've done lots and yet I was stuck on the sofa under blankets shivering.

I did however work on a fun commission for a company called Henny and Roo, I can't post the image as they now own the copyright but it was lots of fun and featured a happy little hen stood next to a mailbox and surrounded by grass and flowers. It's very different to my usual commissions which made it a little bit more fun. The client also asked for the original painting so my little hen is now off on a big adventure to America!
I also have the chance of working with this client again on another chicken that could be lots of fun!

Other work for Silly Badger Designs has however fallen behind, I didn't realise how much this was actually bothering me until now as I write this. It's like I've neglected someone I really care about, it's a mixture of guilt and anxiety at how I had to leave it so dead.
I would of course have still sent out any orders which I did but I just feel coming up to Christmas, I really should have been more on top of things and following all of my plans!

I had so many lists of shiny fancy ideas to work on this month and this illness has just put me so behind with everything and the biggest worry I have right now is how I'm struggling to get back to work. Having a rotten cold isn't helping with my motivation and the tower of to dos are starting to feel increasingly intimidating along with the whole money worries and wanting to actually get somewhere.
You know, the usual pressure we put ourselves under.

I do have lots of plans but I feel like I need to go through everything and prioritise the important items and the others will have to be put aside for now. After all this isn't going to be my only Christmas in business! This is actually my first so no wonder I'm running around like a headless chicken! This is all so very new for me and as with everything I'm completely winging it.
My main thing is I want my customers to be happy. That is the main thing I care about.

So I'm going to be very glad to say goodbye to October 2016! And hopefully November will bring a nice amount of good health and productivity!

I promise to actually be more on top of things from now on!

Have a great day!

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