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Friday, 19 August 2016

Bird Challenge Week 2!

Ah, another 9 days of birds have passed and I can happily say that I finally have my skills back! I will admit my lack of ability to colour anything for the first part of the month was starting to drain me of my enthusiasm, no matter how I tried I just couldn't seem to get anything looking the way I was imagining.
But this past week suddenly I seemed to slip in to the feather mode and finally got the hang of things!

The Jay (bottom left square) is probably my favourite so far, I'd had a very long day and was super exhausted so drawing a bird was last on my list and I was really struggling to get the motivation so I just started drawing a Jay with an acorn (they absolutely love acorns!) the cheeky chap turned in to what can only be called a colouring page and then I coloured him for fun and it turned out great. 

Now that I seem to have my bird mojo back I'm hoping that the next weeks birds are going to go well and I'm excited to see what species my OH comes up with as he seems determined to grab anything that's wacky or colourful!

The last week has been super busy and exciting with lots of new products coming to life! I will post more on those early next week. I currently have the joy of having to wait for something to arrive before I can actually complete the products themselves!
I can however say that they are all about the barn owls!!

After talking to some of the Wiltshire Etsy Team I've also realised that I need to get my christmas stuff up and listed as soon as I can, last year I left it way too late and I know that this year I need to get my stuff together and get these designs going now! So I'm working on those and should hopefully be getting those printed up and packed by the end of the month and hopefully listed up on Etsy!

Basically for the rest of August, I'm going to be buzzing around like a lunatic! Well I guess that's mostly normal for me but it's going to be a bit more than usual now.

I'm currently waiting for a delivery of some wonderful printer paper and some lenses for my phone so that I can get some prints made (at last, what illustrator doesn't sell prints of their work... this one!) and I can take some awesome product images with my phone which makes life a bit simpler at times.
I'm also hoping to get some more fun products made in the next week and to experiment with some future ideas!
Fingers crossed if they go well they could be appearing on my Etsy shop very soon!

And of course I will be continuing my birds every day for the rest of the month, I'm actually really enjoying this challenge and I'm already starting to see an improvement in my feather drawing. 

So I wish you an awesome weekend and will return with some fun exciting stuff next week! Along with more birds of course ;)

Have a great day!

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