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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Treat Those Wonderful Mama Bears Out There

Mothers Day (UK) is the 6th March 2016

It's that time of year when we celebrate our mums, the women who have gone through all the hassle of our childish tantrums, helped us through those tough times like starting school, our first break ups, putting up with those horrific teenage years we'd all rather forget and who still love us at the end of the day!
My own mama bear has gone through some pretty tough adventures with me and she's gotten me through it all. My mum is awesome.

So I now have Mama Bear designs greeting cards on my Etsy shop HERE and many products with this design on my Redbubble shop HERE along with many other designs of course. Go check them out if you're interested!

I've also been working on lots of rat designs (still!) the little mischiefs are taking over my mind apparently! This morning has been filled with many illustrations featuring rats, positives and love hearts... so apparently I'm a big sap and a hopeless romantic... God help my partner!!
But who could resist a rat with chocolate or holding a big red heart or a rat in a party hat!
The creatives mind is an interesting place.

I'm hoping to have these guys coloured and scanned by this evening an up and available on redbubble soon!

I'm also working hard at my Etsy shop. I'm having to learn a lot of things at once and even though it's a bit tricky at times I seem to be getting the hang of it!
I also had my first order through Etsy over the weekend! I was overjoyed to the point of getting slightly hysterical and giving my partner a great big bear hug.
Every moment of this experience is a wonderful adventure and I'm so glad that I've had the opportunity to do this.
It's like a dream come true.

I keep saying this year is going to be big and amazing and so far it's living up to it! Sure it's overwhelming and there are lots of things going on in different parts of m life but it's becoming a wonderful adventure!
But then again I am one of those people who can make anything in to an adventure... even a trip to the shops!

Here's to more awesome adventures!!

Have a great week!!

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