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Monday, 21 December 2015

So Here It Is

The festive season for this year is both slowing down and just beginning for me. Sales for Christmas goodies are of course beginning to slow down as the sparkly day draws near and the break for me is just beginning because of that. This is going to be my first real break in quite a while and even though I absolutely love what I do... I'm also very excited to get to have a guilt free break for a few days!

It is however a time where I can relax and do some non work related art and I've been loving it. The wolf below was done on the paper found in the middle of a roll of Christmas wrapping paper. What can I say, I love to recycle! 
I'd also like to point out that this wolf was done completely with basic art supplies, don't believe the art shops that tell you quality art needs quality supplies! If you feel like drawing something, grab a pen and piece of paper and have fun!

So I'm going to be on my Christmas break from tomorrow until the new year which means that I will be going slightly quiet on here. Of course I will still be active on Instagram and you can still email me any enquiries. I'm not gonna disappear completely!
I just won't be officially working.

My Redbubble shop will of course still be open and taking orders! 

I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has bought any of my designs this year, it has been just amazing and when I talk about it I can't truly put my joy in to words. 
If you celebrate Christmas, Holidays or nothing at all I wish you a wonderful couple of weeks filled with lots of happiness, love and laughter.

Thank you! :)

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