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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Headaches are mean

Unfortunately lately I've not only been suffering from an art block but also a nasty headache that lasted a good 24 hours, I'm still recovering from it now.

I did get to work through some of it though so in a way I guess the desperation to distract myself from the pain was enough to break the art block. I can't complain.

I will admit they're a random trio. The blue tit at the top started it all and was the first bird I've drawn real feathers on (that was fun!) I'm actually quite proud of how he came out and hope to get him coloured fairly soon along with the rest!
The badger in the jumper was definitely inspired by myself... I will admit I am addicted to the colder weather because of the soft fluffiness of jumpers... I am also known as Silly Badger by many so it just seemed right to give her a jumper to snuggle up in and then theres my little arctic fox, my head was starting to really hurt at that point so all I wanted to do was snuggle up just like this little fox.

So there we have my inkings. I really hope to get these coloured soon. I really hope to get lots done soon I just seem to be struggling a lot lately.

Coming soon will be more festive designs, I do apologise to anyone who really doesn't want to see any until December!

My commissions are still open, If you're interested in a pet commission this christmas get in touch here.
I prefer to get these done early so there's more chance of people recieving their commissions in time! So please feel free to contact me with any inquiries or commissions.
Also look out for something a little bigger maybe coming alive at the end of the month.

Now to go dream up more designs!

Have a good week :)

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