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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Ratty People!

Rats are adorable. Fancy rats or pet rats are one of the most awesome rodents you can own as a pet, they are like a mixture of cats and dogs. There's the independence of a cat but also the love and playfulness of a dog. They are fantastic little critters who I've spent my life with for the last ten years.
I am a big rat fan and even managed to turn my partner into a rat fan too. They're addictive and just so awesome.
Unfortunately I have now developed an extreme allergy to them so have taken to drawing them instead! It's lots o fun to draw their cheeky playfulness.

Quick fact! A group of rats is called a mischief.
And boy do they live up to that name! A group of rats are the most cheeky group you can find and will run circles around anyone for fun.
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