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Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Well I have been quiet for a short while now and feel like that's particularly rude and should be explained.

It's not that I've stopped working, I've been doing lots but I can't really show much of it right now as it's all in the secret squirrel stages!

I've hit a nasty experience in my life recently and I'm left a bit of a wreck and struggling to remember the good in life...
But hey, living like you're dying isn't living at all!
I'm not going to go in to what has turned me in to a wreck but I am going to take this opportunity to shout to anybody else who is going through shit, no matter how big or small, you're gonna be okay.

So to save what little sanity I have, I'm having a break for a short while to straighten out my head. It may seem indulgent or bad but I need it or there's a strong chance I may just explode... messy!

So enjoy the summer! I shall return with wonders!

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