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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Designs, too many ideas and a mega art block. Again.

So this week I've created two new designs! They are also both now up on my redbubble shop!

I had so much fun with these guys as they're both completely different even though they are done using similar techniques. Ziggy the lemur was sketched and inked traditionally before being scanned in to the computer and coloured. He was so much fun to do and I couldn't help but smile at his smug, cool dude face. He's available to buy here.

Papa bear is a second part to Mama bear (obviously) and is based on a black bear. He was sketched out traditionally before being scanned in and added to a blue background. I'm not sure whether I prefer the more traditional style or the 50/50.
Papa bear is now available here

I'm going to admit after completing these designs yesterday I'm left feeling a little overwhelmed. My mind is racing with what I'm guessing to be too many ideas that I can't keep up with.
I keep thinking about the business sides to things, finances, marketing, research, the list is a long one. 
I keep thinking about promotional things and how I'd love to be involved in an exhibition someday, group or solo. 
I keep thinking about selling prints of my work, looking at how to go about it.

You may notice in those ramblings that I'm missing something quite big out... Creating more artwork.
I'm suddenly realising that I need to build on that. I need to create as much as I possibly can. I need to focus myself on a subject or something similar.
There are so many things I need to do.

These things I need to do aren't horrible though, unlike many people I enjoy most parts of this job. I love the numbers and charts and records as much as the creating,
Just sometimes I get so buried in the business side that I forget I'm also meant to be creating!

And the worst thing right now... I have so much racing through my mind that when I sit down to create something I either sketch something my 15 year old self could manage or I find myself growling at a blank page unable to get what I want out.
Enter my fourth art block of the year! Hoo-ray. I am so pleased.

It's starting to get frustrating when I start getting creative and once I've gotten a few ideas out I run out of ability. The motivation is there, gosh is it there, like a roaring fire inside of me wanting to spend hours with ink and charcoal, making fun colourful sketches of animals and anything else.
I just can't get it out and it's frustrating me along with all of the ideas I have.

Art blocks suck. End of.

So now I'm left sitting here and wondering what I'm going to do. Of course there are a few things that take priority but those are mostly finance related. When it comes to art... I'm lost.

On the bright side the OH is feeding my fox obsession... Maybe I should work on foxes...

Fingers crossed I can start the creative buzz up once more!!

Also! Thank you to everyone who liked/shared my work for the wraptious competition. I didn't make it to the shortlist but some awesome artists did!! Go check them out!

Have a great week!!

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