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Saturday, 11 April 2015

April, I love you!

April has been such a busy, crazy, wacky and wonderful month so far! I couldn't be more excited right now!

Most of my busy has been based on art work... of course! At the beginning I decided to sketch my boyfriends guitar... This was inspired by a photo I took of it when I got bored. I had no original intention of drawing it, I was literally bored and staring at the guitar that was sitting on the chair opposite me.
I used to do a lot of photography in my late teens and I still have the obsession of, that looks good, must take a picture.
But once I was back home I had no inspiration but was desperate to draw something that had absolutely nothing to do with work and this happened.
For the first time I've ever drawn a guitar I'm pretty proud :P And of course, I then shoved it at the other half like an excited child ;)

Birds have also been distracting me lately so I've been trying out some draft sketches for larger paintings. So far I'm only happy with this crow so I guess we'll see how that goes!

I also finally tidied up my desk/studio space. I don't work in a large area and it's by no means perfect but it works for me. I have so many little dragons everywhere as well which is always fun!
So yes, this is where the magic happens... sometimes ;)

I've started a new project recently that involves watercolours, galaxies and constellations. I've only managed one right now which was a bit of an experiment to see how it would work. I'm actually really excited by it though as it came out much better than expected!
Meet Ursa Major.

Of course I had to start with the great bear! 
The watercolour painting is lots of fun and involves a lot of wet on wet painting which suits me perfectly as I can keep working on it without having to wait too long for paint to dry. Yes I really am that impatient! It's the reason I've never touched oil paints... 5 - 7 days drying time!? Seriously!?
Anyway. I plan to do quite a few of these in similar styles involving many of the animal based constellations, there are a lot more than I originally knew!
Even a chameleon... that one excites and scares me :P

So work is going along fast and smoothly and the spring has definitely arrived in the south west of the UK, this makes me happy!
Now I get a weekend to chill out!

Just a quick reminder, you can still get my designs at redbubble, just use the link at the top!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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