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Saturday, 12 April 2014

The last of the Corvid project.

Well I didn't post yesterday due to being extremely busy but I did manage to get two birds painted and today the final one.

So firstly! Here are the birds!

The Raven.
  • The ravens latin name is Corvus corax.
  • The raven is the largest of the crow family.
  • They are residents in the UK mostly on the West and North although they are gradually move eastward. 

The Hooded Crow.
  • The hooded crows latin name is Corvus cornix.
  • In the UK they replace the Carrion crow in N and W Scotland, N Ireland and on the Isle of Man.
  • The hooded crow is an omnivore.
  • Until recently the hooded crow was regarded as the same species as the carrion crow.

The Jay.
  • The Jays' latin name is Garrulus glandarius.
  • The Jay is resident in most of the UK except N Scotland.
  • Jays' are the most colourful of the crow family but are extremely shy woodland birds making them hard to spot.
  • They have a strong fondness for acorns!

The Jackdaw.
  • The Jackdaws latin name is Corvus monedula.
  • They are widespread over the UK except the Scottish Highlands. They are commonly seen spending time in fields, woods, gardens and parks.
  • Jackdaws unlike many other birds in the crow family have pale eyes and a silvery sheen to the back of their heads.
  • Jackdaws often group together with Rooks and carrion crows to roost in large numbers during the autumn and winter months.

So there we go, the corvid project I started last Sunday has come to an end. I don't think I gained as much from this week as I thought I would. It has been a great experience to get myself concentrating on one subject and setting time each day to work on one painting a day. 
The style changed from the first Jackdaw and went extremely smooth for most of the week which annoyed me as I really liked the look of the rougher style I'd used originally. I tried every day to replicate it trying different amounts of water and paint but still the style failed. 
Instead I'm quite happy with how things have worked out and I am proud that I managed to complete the project within the week.

Setting challenges is something I've seen other people do but never attempted to try myself because I always felt I would give up or lose interest. 
I'm very glad I actually put the effort in this week and got painting. I now have a painting of each of the UK's crow family.

It's been a great experience and I highly recommend it to anyone :)

I may not have learnt as much as I expected but I learnt to try different techniques and how to work around mistakes and to not rely on reference images or pencil sketches.

Now to get on with more creating!

Thanks for reading :)

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