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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A New Beginning.

Life has been interesting lately.
Back in December I had this BIG idea to do for my boyfriend, it was going to be a special present and then due to a few nasty things I decided not to continue the project. I did however manage the first of twenty five images I had planned out. 
Crowpie (the name of these characters) was created to show my relationship, the original piece being a present to my man for our anniversary. Since then I've used the Crow and the Magpie in many different ways and I guess Magpie has become a character I use to vent my emotions.

The biggest thing I found was I much preferred to use traditional materials to work with rather than digital... of course this just means I need to practice digital more!

I was spoiled rotten with art materials over Christmas which has lead to lots of work being created with marker pens and watercolours which I'm absolutely loving.

This year will see lots of changes with both my art work and my attitude towards everything.

After all, creating art to me is about exploring the what ifs in life whilst making crazy stories out of something so simple. It's about making people smile and making the world that little bit better than it feels sometimes.
Sure it can be a dark place but there is lots of light out there, it just has to be found.

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