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Friday, 11 October 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy!

This week has been crazy and to top it off today has been super insane!
I wake up at the boyfriends and spend the morning packing, get home to the parents and unpack only to pack my stuff once more to leave for Devon tomorrow.

I'm left feeling a bit overwhelmed and instead of doing things I should be like packing I end up messing about in a sketchbook...

I guess it's my form of therapy when things get a bit too much, I fall in to a sketch fest. Not that I'm upset about going tomorrow, actually I'm really excited to get back on Dartmoor.
I have a love of the moor, it's somewhere I can just relax and enjoy the wild. Being able to sit out on a (small) tor and watch the clouds is amazing yet that usually happens during the spring and summer.
Seeing as it's October I guess I won't be sitting out on a tor, instead I'll probably be running about with the dog trying to stay warm!

And as I write this a pair of foxes have appeared before me... I kind of like them, maybe with a bit of cleaning up they could look half decent.

On another note my amazing guy surprised me with some goodies over the weekend and I couldn't help but start my new sketchbook with a sketch. 
I've never managed to sketch my dog before, they always ended up rather ugly and normally torn from the book and thrown in the bin. This time I was pleasantly surprised.

A bit more realistic than I've been doing lately which was a nice change that has made me crave more realism. So spending a week in Dartmoor almost literally on the moor will be perfect and I'll be able to spend my time sketching, if I'm lucky I may even get the chance to sketch whilst out and about... if it's not too cold of course.

It's actually quite weird coming home after almost a week at my boyfriends, I'm left missing him loads. 

And now time to get some sleep before the adventure begins in the morning!

I'm going on an adventure!

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