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Friday, 19 May 2017

Prep, Insanity and Yays

Well I can honestly say that this week has quite honestly been insane. So much productivity and stress and oh gosh!

Last weekend I got my paws on some wooden blanks, I wasn't 100% sure what to actually do with them at first but of course, birds won. I blame watching too many Attenborough Docs! Either way a peacock and a hummingbird soon appeared. They're a more realistic style to what I normally do which was extremely refreshing. I'm really happy with how the sketches turned out and hopefully will be getting a few more sketched out and will start painting them soon!
Although I will admit that at the same time I'm also fairly worried that the moment I add paint I'm going to ruin them. I'm planning to use gouache to paint these but at the same time the medium is still very new to me and I haven't painted with anything other than watercolours or realistically for quite a few years.
But I'm never going to find out what will happen unless I try!

Last weekend was also the start of the quickest big project I've ever taken on! And it involved this fella being a model/tart for me.

So thanks to buying a new scanner that has now become one of my favourite things as it saved me at least a day or twos work I managed to finally get to work on my dog zine and after around two days worth of work... it was finished!

Okay so at the same time it almost killed me from sitting at the desk for so long and having to come up with so many ideas in a very short space of time but I did it. 

Holding it in my hand that night after a full insane day of work was the most amazing feeling. A lot of work went in to this little zine, lots of prep and plotting, taking reference pics with Riley (the model) which he was ever so good at. All the training from puppy hood paid off! And of course lots of sketches. Below is a good example of the moment I was buried under 10 illustrations of labradors... 

It was however a lot of fun and the end product is just what I'd planned so I'm not complaining. I'm hoping to get this listed soon and of course I'll also be taking a few copies to Kingdom's Family Craft Fair on the 28th.

I've also finally got myself creating a ratty birthday card! It was a complete struggle to come up with a good idea... in the end I went with balloons... I like balloons.

The design has now been coloured and printed out on to greeting cards that will also be available soon! There's going to be a good Etsy update coming up as I have at least 5 new products!

And on the subject of rats, I decided to update an old favourite of mine.

Time for tea was always one of my favourite designs that I've always been proud of and lately it's been getting a lot of love over in my redbubble shop. It got my attention and I just had to re do the design but with my evolved rat style. I might have to create a then and now post showing the difference in my ratties! I can't believe how much their little simple design has grown. Each style has been adorable but this latest evolution definitely holds my heart. Mainly because they're smiling! :)

Alongside all of that we've had prepping for the craft fair, more designs, forms, estate agents and a fun Hobbycraft trip. It's been a good yet full week and I'm blooming exhausted!

I can't wait to share more of what I've been up to and hopefully I can get even more done with this sudden burst of energy I have but for now! I shall be off to cut out some new prints!

Have a great weekend!

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