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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

January - You sucked!

I do apologise for being absent for pretty much the whole of January. Unfortunately I had problems and writing and being merry was not top of my priorities.
But enough of that! Life is much more positive now and I feel like I'm back at the wheel. 

I've updated my redbubble shop with some cheery designs. When I'm feeling really bad or scared or hopeless (things an anxiety fighter feels fairly frequently!) I tend to try and draw really upbeat positive things in the hope that I can cheer people up, including myself.

So I got to work on blue tits, one of my most favourite little uk birds and rats... what can I say, I love the little mischiefs! 
My favourite had to be my little blue shown above, I started drawing this little guy to cheer myself up and it kind of grew from there in to something I've fallen in love with. And I have a habit of making cheesy little rhymes up... I usually keep them in my head but this one had to come out.
So here is my mr blue!

I'm working on lots of things right now including one big project that is taking up a lot of my time and energy. I've spent most of today working on this and am currently feeling extremely mentally exhausted by it, hence the reason I'm posting here, a nice quick break. 

I just wanted to come here and say I am still alive and I am still working on lots of designs, I've just had to go a bit quiet for my own sanity. Hopefully things will pick up!

Use the link above to check out the new designs and happy February!

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