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Friday, 11 December 2015

Holidays Are Coming!

Are you feeling festive yet? Gosh it's taken me a while with all these deadlines but finally I am feeling the warm festive glow around me... or is that just the candle I have lit next to me...
The weather here is currently gloomy, so very typical December weather, grey clouds, grey sky, greygreygreygrey!

But Strangely that does make me think of Christmas! I guess it's my version of a twinkling snow scene! I have however been adding lots of snow to many of my recent works including the mouse illustration above!
This was a watercolour illustration done especially for my OH's parents Christmas card and it was so much fun to work on, even if I did grumble at first. Apparently I've been painting too many birds lately (is there truly such a thing?) and mammals were suddenly extremely challenging... and I dislike drawing plants in general, I am not a planty person at all. I love to look at them and help them grow but when it comes to drawing them... I feel pain!

So not that my must do Christmas illustration list is over I can finally let out a sigh of relief that I no longer HAVE to draw holly leaves! I know I don't essentially have to but there's something very festive about holly.

So I'm now completely done for Christmas cards! Or at least that's what I believe now... I'm sure there's a chance someone will buy another off me last minute.
But for now I can bask in the glory that I did it. I managed to do it all even though it felt like the impossible task.
Now I'm left with just normal illustrations to work on...

She says now just remembering she was going to design a calendar for 2016 featuring wildbirds, so maybe I can't relax just yet.
I also have plans of a book variety in the coming months if plans work out and I don't burn out. Gosh I hope I don't burn out!

I now need to go punch some holes in some birdy gift tags ready for present wrapping over the next week.
Oh December! Why are you disappearing so quickly! Well, nearly 2016!

Have a great weekend!! I'm cat sitting again!!

Christmas Commissions CLOSED
General Commissions OPEN (I will be away from the studio over the Christmas break but commissions for 2016 will still be taken) 

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