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Monday, 20 April 2015

A Ramble

It's kind of crazy right now. In my head.

If you'd told me a year ago that I would now be self employed and doing something I love for a job I would've snorted in a very unattractive way and probably fallen off of whatever I'd been sitting on (it's a terrible habit!).
It's such an exciting moment to realise that everything I have right now was created by me and me alone. I've had to work from the bottom and with few directions. 
Some people may take that as me moaning but in all reality it really isn't, I much prefer to learn things myself, after all how else do you learn if you don't get your hands dirty!
And oh boy do I get my hands dirty!

Yes, it is true. Change is scary... but only if you're not in control ;)

So! It was one of my cousins birthday last week and I had a spare hour so I decided to do a quick birthday doodle for her. He's a birthday bear, cos everyone needs a smiling birthday bear around when they age a year! 
I would've added a party blower but I just couldn't work out how one would work in a bear mouth! He's done in my go to medium of ink and watercolour, 
I don't know how long I'm going to have this obsession but it's such a fun process I can't not do it! Plus I love the look of it ;)

And after so much painting lately I decided to have a change. I haven't used pure coloured pencils for a very long time, they're normally combined with, yep! you guessed it, ink! but today I wanted to go for full colour and no lineart.
I found myself looking at images of sun conures this morning (cute colourful parrots, look them up!) and decided to have a go at bringing them to life. 
I'm not completely happy with them but I didn't use a ref photo for this and it was basically me winging it with coloured pencils. It's strange how I moved away from them as they were my go to thing when I was in my teens, you never found me painting!
I really did enjoy drawing these two though and it's made me interested in trying to use watercolour for something similar (yes back to the default!).
I love the vibrant colours of parrots so maybe they'll end up being a small side project alongside the constellation series.

Friday was a crazy day but it had a huge surprise in the middle. I ordered these tshirts with my raptor designs from redbubble. I wasn't sure how they would turn up and was a bit skeptical over the printing quality but I had nothing to worry about. 
I'm so excited by seeing these two like this and seeing my OH wearing his was just, beyond words :) It's hard to explain the exact feeling you get when you see something you've designed and spent so many hours working on. I'm getting that feeling a lot nowadays! :P
But I love them. 
These were designed for one off productions so are unavailable but if you're interested in me making you a design please get in touch!

And finally... I have the crazy passionate feely version of myself having fun right now. It's my birthday tomorrow! 
I always see birthdays as the beginnings of a new year and boy I'm leaving this year with a bang and hopefully will be continuing that in to the new year of my life, maybe the bangs will include sparkles...
I am extremely grateful for everything I have in my life, I'm ridiculously blessed with all I have.
So here's to everyone who has been a part of my life for the past year, even the people who didn't deserve to be a part of it.

So go shine like a shooting star :)
I'm off to most likely consume my body weight in naughty food :P


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